Content Filtering

Gain Control of Your Company’s Content Access with Content Filtering Services from Ethical Tech Support!


With so many distractions on the Internet, it can be difficult to keep teams on task while they are at work. And even those who are downloading files for legitimate business purposes can easily unleash a virus that becomes detrimental to your company’s system. Content filtering services from Ethical Tech can help ensure that the right content access is granted to those who need it.

Content Filtering that Works with You and for You

Business owners do not have the time and energy to spend keeping their teams on task. If outside browsing on social media or other entertainment sites is an increasing problem at your company, keep your staff in check with customizable content filtering. What content filtering means for your company is:


  • Creating user groups based on the access that different teams require
  • Filtering messages and browser content for different groups
  • Easily managing what is made available for each group and tweaking controls if necessary




Firewall Content Filtering to Secure You and Your Business

Even employees who are given access to the free web can potentially make your system vulnerable by downloading the wrong software. There are a lot of legitimate-looking downloads and programs that can enter your system at just the click of a button, and once these fake files are opened, damage can ensue if your system is not properly protected.



With firewall content filtering from Ethical Tech Support, your company can be protected against:


  • Malware
  • Trojan horses
  • Internet worms
  • And other malicious files


Even those who are tech-savvy can easily mistake a corrupt file for a legitimate one. Protect your staff and your system with firewall security as part of our content filtering services at Ethical Tech.


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