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Benefits of Content Filtering

Content filtering helps to filter acceptable content for viewing and accessing.

The system administrator decides upon which content is acceptable or unacceptable for viewing and or accessing.

When content filtering is correctly implemented, it can restrict users from accessing websites that are NSFW (not safe for work) and allow access to desired sites.  This policy is used to block access to social media websites, gaming websites, shopping websites, and more.


Some of the benefits to a content filtering policy are as follows:

Network protection:

Blocked access to websites that contain or are used to spread malicious software across your network is critical. This will reduce the chance of security being breached and devastating effects of viruses or malware on the network and systems. Although it is not a substitute for a hardy antivirus program, it is a policy that should be implemented across any business network.


Limited Bandwidth Usage:

This benefit is by far the most useful when it comes to content filtering. By blocking video streaming from websites such as YouTube, Netflix, and social media websites; bandwidth usage can be controlled or trimmed. This also help to keep up the productivity level of employees or users. This brings us to our next benefit, increasing productivity.


Increased Workspace Productivity:

Limiting the use of internet activity is key to keeping up the productivity of employees. Depending on the size of the your business, keeping track of employee internet activity can either be easy or very difficult. With an unrestricted network environment, employees often take advantage of time at work by visiting their favorite websites to view videos or social media which can hamper productivity levels. Use of a content filtering policy can block tempting websites and force a more productive workday. This can also help in regards to liability by enforcing the end user to abide by set rules and regulations.



For more information regarding content filtering and why it is important, click the links below:

Content Filtering


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