Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are Your Company’s Files and Systems Secure in Case of an Emergency? Eliminate doubt with Ethical Tech Support’s Backup and Disaster Recovery!

Never Lose Your Important Files, Back Up

When it comes to the files and information that are important to your business, backup is not only a good idea but necessary. Not adequately preparing your systems in case of an emergency can be detrimental and can lead to extended downtime and cost, not to mention the risk of permanently losing your company’s files.

Complete backup and disaster recovery is just a phone call away at Ethical Tech Support. Contact us today to secure what’s important to your business!

Cloud Backup – The Modern Way to Safeguard Your Company’s Information

As soon as we are taught how to create things on computers, we learn how vital it is to save your work so that it is never lost. From a small or medium-sized business perspective, your entire company could be at stake if you were to lose your information, so why roll the dice with subpar backup?

Backup and Disaster Recovery

At Ethical Tech, we offer:

  • Periodic backup of your company’s files in our cloud-based system
  • An affordable, monthly rate that fits any budget
  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business’ vital information is safeguarded

Prepare Your Systems with Complete Disaster Recovery

Anyone familiar with technology knows that things can go wrong, no matter how well your systems are running. Even if your primary IT system is set like a well-oiled machine, a wrench in the works can spell disaster for your company if you are not adequately prepared. Investing in complete disaster recovery with Ethical Tech is the wise choice for your business.

Ethical Tech’s complete disaster recovery services can:

  • Replicate your computing environment and make it available if your primary system shuts down
  • Allow you to load your data and rebuild your entire system until your primary system is in working order

If you think about your IT system as though it were a car, would you walk everywhere if the car were to fail or would you rent a temporary car until your own vehicle was properly fixed? Just as a rental car ensures that your daily schedule does not get compromised, a disaster recovery plan with Ethical Tech Support ensures that the crucial activities of your IT system can continue even in the case of a disaster.

Ask us about combining Backup & Disaster Recovery with our Remote Monitoring & Maintenance service!

Don’t leave the safety and security of your files and system up to chance - contact Ethical Tech Support today to start your backup and disaster recovery plan.